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011 – Should I Pay for Trader Training?

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Episode 11 – Should I Pay for Trader Training?

The Guest

Lee Sandford

Lee Sandford

Founder and Director Training College joined us to help answer the question: Should I Pay for Trader Training? He has 7 years experience in the area and can help us differentiate between good and bad providers and see ‘what to avoid’. As an ex-professional footballer Lee was fortunate to find a ready-made path into a second career after discovering a love for trading during his playing days.

Tom and Owen are really considering some training after being warned by many people they won’t learn from books alone. Watch this space.


This Week

Tom has been ‘Turtle Trading’ but feels like he should have started a few weeks earlier as he has just missed some massive trends, but c’est la vie.

Owen is pip positive this week but his lack of a clear system means he suspects he is basically just guessing the direction of currencies based on trend lines and support and resistance….


Next Week

Idea Of the Week For some garbled bitcoin chat with no clear strategy, the Two Blokes Trading podcast is the place to listen! In reality we blatantly won’t end up trading this…but it is quite fun to chat about. Watch this space for untimely destruction of the world’s leading cyptocurrency….

For a recent update (as of Mon 8th August) on the current situation with the bitcoin hack, and to make up your own mind on the future of bitcoin, check out this.


The Books

The Complete TurtleTrader: How 23 Novice Investors Became Overnight Millionaires by Michael W. Covel

Spread Betting the Forex Markets by David Jones


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