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The Two Blokes Learn to Trade

Tier One Trading


I (Tom) have been learning to trade since June 2016 with mixed success. Recently Jason Graystone from Tier One Trading invited me to conduct an independent review of their new and exciting trading education platform.

It has to be said just one day in and I'm already impressed with the quality of their video education and if the videos are indicative of the rest of their offering I'm in for an exciting and informative 3 months.  Follow my weekly progress below.

Week 1

(Click 'Play' on the Podcast Episode on the right; jump to 10mins)

Day 1 - I took a look around the platform and watched the first few videos... my initial impressions are that they seem to be top quality content and produced to a very high standard.

Day 2 - More video education with Akil Stokes (Market Swings and Structure) AND my first live room with Jason Graystone... this has blown my mind, Jason covered key currency pairs going from the daily chart down to the 5min for each explaining the setups and market structure along the way.  Very relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Day 3 - This morning so far has consisted of Live room with Jason and arguing with my Internet Service Provider. It's great to see some TBTers in the room.  Back to video education in the PM... Hard work and dedication is required! 

Comment from a TBTer in the Live Trading Room:

Videos watch include "Rules for Defining a Trend" and "The Complex Pullback".

Day 4 - My day started with the Live Room... I like the fact that Jason follows and tracks all of his trades to completion although as I've not yet got to the 'advanced' part of their education videos quite a lot of the room's content goes over my head. The Live Room was followed by a 10km run... having the structure of the live room is allowing me to build my day around it which seems to be making me more productive happy days!

Day 5 - I didn't go to the accountability sesh today as I wanted to focus on video training and recording the week 1 VLOG...  The VLOG is recorded however due to a number of technical hiches it won't be uploaded until Sunday evening (assuming I survive the stag do I'm off to) Have a great weekend and I'll be back on Sunday... probably.

Week 2

(Click 'Play' on the Podcast Episode on the right; I speak about my first week in the first 10mins).

Day 1 - The start of the week has been hindered somewhat by frozen pipes (see image on the right!). However I've progressed on to the "Putting it all together" section. The most valuable thing about this section was the "Practical Application" videos which takes all they previous patterns and overlays them on the 'ugly' real world examples.

Day 2 - As ever today has started with the Live Room with Jason... it's encouraging to see so many TBTers. I've completed the foundation videos (however it's likely I will need to go back and review a number of them at a later date!).  I've also watched the video for their FTB system.  My intention is to fully comprehend then back test this 'simple' system before moving on.

Day 3 - Live Room with Jason followed by Two Blokes Trading admin.  A point of note is that while I'm going through their course I'm also providing direct feedback to the T1T team.  For example I asked for more 'real world' examples of the FTB system in action and they have already agreed to add it to the course... Now that's what I call costumer service! Contrary to yesterday I've decided to watch all the T1T systems first just to ensure I have a better understanding of what the heck is going on in the Live rooms! This afternoon I watched the 'Graystone Trend Continuation Trade' which essentially is 3 separate ways to trade the pullback in a trend. Loved it.

Day 4 - Live Room with Jason for starters this morning; the room was fairly subdued due to yesterday's FOMC however that gave me the opportunity to ask questions around people's trading setups, platforms etc.  Subsequently I've spent time setting up a new account and playing with Ninja Trader for the first time... from what I've seen so far it's a great dynamic platform! Right Advanced Patterns for me this afternoon... wish me luck!

Day 5 - So I now have a basic understanding of all the Tier One Trading systems and I've worked out (using Ninja Trader) I can download trading data back to 2014 which sets me up for next week's back testing.  I also attended part of the TOT Friday accountability session which is where members of the community are essencially interviewed / coached by either Jason or Akil. It goes without saying that accountability is of paramount importance when it comes to learning to trade however it takes two to tango and the quality of the accountability session seems to differ hugely from member to member.

Week 3

(Click 'Play' on the Podcast Episode on the right; jump to 10mins)

Day 1 - So yeah... 9:30pm part of my new build house burnt down (1 month away from completion).  Less then ideal. Please give me a couple of days to sort my life out.

Day 2 - Dealing with the fall out from yesterday.

Day 3 - Same as above.

Day 4 - Same as the above two.

Day 5 - Same as the above three days.


No Video This Week. Normal service will resume in Week 4!

Week 4

Day 1 - Easter Monday

Day 2 - Ahhh it's good to have the Live Room back (even if Jason does go on about his holiday to the Maldives a bit!) As you can see by my IG image to the right BACKTESTING is the name of the proverbial game this week. Jeez it's dull... need to be done tho!

Day 3 - Today I learnt a valuable lesson... just day two of my backtesting I've already started to second guess the rules I put in place at the start.... In the live room this morning Jason mentioned that he uses a slightly different trailing stop to that in their videos which he has personally backtested himself... Although I respect Jason and would love to become as skilled at trading as him one day I'm going to stick to my original plan else I can see myself continually changing my backtesting rules each time people mention something new... MUST STAY FOCUSED!

Day 4 - Backtesting FTB System...

Day 5 - Backtesting FTB System...

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