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Here at Two Blokes Trading one of the first things we Owenrealised when we set out on our trading journey was that there was that, like any new undertaking, there is a lot of kit to buy!

But, of course, trading is so much more than a hobby! In fact, all top retail traders insist you must treat it like a business. Buying the correct tools, at a good price, is essential.

A lot of the tools and services that we try we don’t like. But, rather than trashing them on our site (the internet has enough negativity on it already) we just won’t recommend them.

Instead, everything you see on this page one or both of us has used and loved.

We have also negotiatedTom Two Blokes Trading some great discounts on behalf of our audience. You will get these great products cheaper by going through our links than you will be going direct.


Absolutely central to a good trading strategy is a good trading journal and EdgeWonk is the best on the market. At $169 it is great value but with the TBT 10% discount it is a must buy! Click HERE for full review. Click HERE to buy now! Be sure to use the code TBT to get your 10% off.


To trade news events or if your strategy means you need to stay up to the minute with the fundamentals for Forex or Equities, a Squawk service is essential. RANSquawk is the best on the market and with the TBT 10% discount it is an essential part of your trading armoury. Click HERE for the full review. Click HERE and mention TBT to get the 10% discount now!



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