Numerous news outlets seems to be creating a smear campaign against the retail trader/investor!

Big Wall St players have been controlling the markets for years with retail traders at the mercy of ‘BIG MONEY’ volatility .Now for the first time the retail traders have come together to create the volume to move the markets, something a retail trader could only dream about! The emphasis coming from these news outlets is that a retail trader is not qualified to make an investment decision & regulation should be put in place to stop this.You don’t need a diploma hanging on the wall to be qualified to make your own decision, we make investment decisions everyday without even realising it.Once your investment is controlled, you understand the risk & are not over exposing yourself to losses you cannot afford, who is to say this is wrong!Surely everybody has the right to make their own informed decision without being controlled by banks or institutions!

A Reddit group has been taken down since the meteoritic rise in AMC & GameStop Stocks with many high profile analysts likening this to boiler house conduct! People will always find a new platform, this is a new era that will be become the new normal, hedge funds have to get used to it, whether they like it or not. The power is shifting to the people, not the mega rich & this is scaring Wall St.

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