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Yield Coin ICO


Yield Coin Explainer Video

Yield Coin ICO Launch Webinar

Yield Coin ICO

March - May 2018


Let's recap what you get:

  • $0.02 USD per coin
  • Invest and get 10% instant bonus coins

Example 10% bonus coins:

  • Invest $1,000 and get 50,000 ($1,000 divided by $0.02 per coin)
  • Get instant 5,000 bonus coins (50,000 coins X 10%)
  • total 55,000 coins

If you have not already listened to the podcast that explains it all you can do that HERE.  

If you would like to read the White Paper on Yield Coin for more info you can do that HERE.

Step by Step Process:  Buying Yield Coin


Step 1: Click on the below button.  You will be taken to a Yield Coin purchase page for their ICO


***** Note:  You must use the buy button on this page or you will not get your bonus coins! *****

Step 2: Upload a picture of your drivers license and choose the amount of coins you wish to purchase.

Step 4: Enter your details and choose payment method.

Step 5: Verify the number of coins you want to purchase.

Step 6: Fill out your billing details (everything is secure and none of your information is shared).

Step 7: Once you have checked out you will receive an email with your login information with Yield Coin.

Step 8: Job done! now we wait for this baby to launch live.  Keep listening to future podcasts as we keep you updated every week on what is happening behind the scenes with Yield Coin.

Disclaimer:  Please read and understand this disclaimer carefully.  The Two Blokes are not giving you any investment advice or telling you that you should invest in anything at all.  We are not financial advisers.  You need to do your own due diligence and carefully consider your personal financial situation before investing in any speculative investment vehicle such as cryptocurrency.  Never invest with money that you cannot afford to lose.  The Two Blokes are only sharing the same opportunity that they themselves have been offered.  Any decision by you to invest is yours alone and Two Blokes will not accept any responsibility for losses as a result of your actions.  You should consult your financial adviser before choosing to invest.

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