In this week’s Market podcast Mike and Rory discuss Fridays NFP number beating expectations by nearly double. The implications this has on the market short term and how they both predicted a higher number themselves, going into some detail around their process of why they came to this conclusion.

The pair also talk about how the higher-than-expected unemployment rate at 3.7% is a good thing for markets but also with the issues that it can have to the wider economy.

In the podcast, Rory mentions about the recent ISM PMI number lower than expected and the impact this has had. He also talks about the contradicting data being released versus what the market is doing. Rory reiterates his comments from last week about how this is a market of stocks and not a stock market. The importance of stock picking in a market like this is very important as Rory mentions how only a few large cap stocks have been holding up the entire market in comparison to the Russell 2000.

The blokes then look ahead of the data being released over the next 10 days which includes the federal reserve black out period, ISM services and the US Inflation figure to be released a day before the FOMC interest rate decision on June 14th.

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