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Tom Mc Govern is carrying on the Two Blokes mantel that has been passed on from original Tom, Owen and Brandon’s! If you are new to Two Blokes Trading you can go back and listen to all the episodes starting with Episode 000 or jump right in at the latest episodes below!

Each week the Two Blokes update on their trading progress and interview a profitable trader or leading figure from the trading industry. They get insider tips and industry secrets to help them trade profitably and pass these right on to you!

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How does an ico work

What is an ICO and How Does an ICO Work?

What is an ICO and How Does an ICO Work?   Readers and listeners of TBT will know that we are not immune to the current buzz surrounding cryptocurrencies. Understanding what an ICO is and how ICOs work is essential to being a full player in this market.   Even the catastrophic tanking of the…

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Free Trading Competition – win $1000

Play hard, win big! We have an exciting opportunity for all of you guys, an online financial trading game that offers you an opportunity to win a cash prize with no cost to enter. The game is accessible to all levels of experience, once you are over the age 18. The game is run over…

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6. Where To Trade Forex

6. Where To Trade Forex – UNDER CONSTRUCTION If you’re finding these videos useful then let us know! Ping over an email to to give us the warm fuzzy feeling that we’re not wasting our time 🙂 Also please, please, please feel free to share our course on social media etc. Cheers, The Two…

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5. Why Trade Forex

Track Course Progression: Login Register Course Progression:   5. Why Trade Forex   This is a topic we touched on briefly in an earlier video. As we are asking you to trust us that Forex is the way to go if you are new to trading, we feel the responsibility to share with you the…

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TBT Reviews

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform 2018

Jan 19, 2018

BEST CRYPTO TRADING BROKER NB. Data accurate at time of research   Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform 2018   It is no secret that here at Two Blokes Trading we are big fans of cryptocurrencies, both investing and trading the things. And when it comes to trading cryptos, there is no better mechanism than the humble CFD.…

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the buy side review

The Buy Side Review

Nov 24, 2017

The Buy Side Review Author: Turney Duff Subject: Autobiography of a Hedge Fund Trader Pages: 304 Audiobook: 8hrs 42m First Published: 2013 Who’s it for: Traders who enjoy a good yarn Reputation: Unputdownable The Good: Highly readable, entertaining and either a cautionary tale / inspiring depending on personal taste. The Bad: Won’t exactly teach you…

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Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems Review

Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems Review

Nov 3, 2017

Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems Review   Author: Kevin Davey Subject: Algo Trading Pages: 261 Audiobook: Not available First Published: 2014 Who’s it for: Traders wishing to build their own algorithmic trading systems Reputation: Incredibly well respected The Good: Impeccable pedigree of the author; very readable ‘despite’ the topic; complete guide for any trader to…

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