In this episode, Jonathan and Rory talk about the future of money. The Blokes share their thoughts on a digital currency being introduced. Rory openly admits that it’s not something he favours and towards the end of the podcast gives his reason for this with a relevant example to how current FX markets work and why they work so well.

If governments do try to introduce a digital currency what will the narrative be? Will the public accept this change & is there anything we can do to stop it? Or could this be for the greater good, would a digital currency reduce crime & have further benefits? Either way it seems that we are becoming more restricted by the powers in control.  

Jonathan talks us through his concerns to what will support a digital currency. Will it be pegged to a commodity, a currency or exactly how it would work. In a time where technology is advancing, governments want to see an introduction to digital currencies however, what would that mean to the general public & how could this effect the future of transactions.

Will we move to a new way of exchange? Rory believes we could go back to bartering with commodities such as gold or silver. However, Jonathan believes this will accelerate the use of Crypto currencies.

Be sure to listen and find out what both Jonathan and Rory have to say…

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