Jonathan and Rory dive into the facts to help understand if there will be a global recession coming soon? The blokes share their opinions on the future outlook across a global level.

In the podcast, they mention how we have avoided a crash in the economy despite higher interest rates and the cost of living crisis.  

Rory discusses what caused inflation in the first place as well as some home truths to why wages unfortunately will never catch up with prices, even in the long run.

The blokes also talk about how different geopolitical events can impact countries and how this filters down into markets and what traders need to be aware of.

Understanding that there are always three sides to any story is the key to understanding the market. All media across the world is biased towards an opinion or agenda but only the truth will allow you a clear vision to best predict the future.

Rory explains it is up to you to decide on what information to listen to, plus the importance of listening to all sides and how this can be brought back to trading.

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