In this podcast , Jonathan and Rory discuss how to trade news headlines. The key is to understand the impact & domino effect these headlines can have on companies & markets. 

Immersing yourself within the financial markets is key to construct your trade and investment ideas. The example Rory covers, is around Maersk letting go 10,000 workers. We ask, if they are seeing less demand what does this mean for other stocks in the sector? What does this mean for the market, the economy and global trade?

We also talk about inflation and deflation problems in China and Japan. How the weak JPY is causing high inflation and how the strong CNY is causing deflation due to imports becoming cheaper. This also means exports are dropping which isn’t helping things as China received another huge stimulus pump earlier this week.

Jonathan also talks us through the many opportunities that have been in markets this year as we draw to a close. With so many moves in dollar, Jonathan talks us through how he was long dollar from July based off his bias that the fed were not going to cut interest rates earlier this year. Both Jonathan and Rory explain that the cuts in monetary policy there were due around this time, were pushed back so far that it was taken hawkish by traders hence the strong run higher in US Dollar/DXY.

Understanding how macroeconomics shape markets is essential to understanding trading and the Two Blokes Trading app is the best place to start.

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