In this podcast we introduce Rajan Dhall & discuss the mindset of a successful trader. Raj has an extensive history and career in trading adding further value to our community, which we discuss in the podcast.

Rajan talks about trading psychology and the importance of it and describes how retail traders can become better traders by simply switching their mindset. He also talks about how retail traders can develop their own strategy around a work life balance. Raj also talks about what got him into trading, sharing his very interesting story of how his journey started as a fitness trainer at J.P Morgan.

Jonathan shares his thoughts on how retail traders battle with the psychology of trading & how traders can adapt a trading style that suits the individual. Jonathan also shares his journey of this and how he overcame the process. Jonathan firmly believes anyone can become successful in trading regardless of their background, once they are willing to learn, have the right information & follow the right process.

Raj also talks about the average success rate of many institutional traders being lower than expected & how this opened up his eyes to change his approach. Raj also discusses matching the process with the personality and the importance this can have on a trader. Ragan offers tips for traders at all stages of their journey, discussing what holds traders back & how to overcome this.

Rajan will now be sharing his analysis, ideas & expertise in the two blokes trading app, for our community.

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