In this episode Jonathan and Rory continue to evaluate the risks from the Middle East & the uncertainty in the financial markets. Also looking at higher yields and central bank action from around the globe.

The war in the Middle East is still raging and shows no sign of stopping.  In the podcast Rory mentions the risk of other countries such as Iran getting involved and the potential catalysts that could being to the table.

The ECB are expected to hold rates this week however the door is open in the future for hikes as higher oil prices Continue to drive prices higher says Christine Lagarde and the ECB are cautions of this.

The US markets snapped a strong losing streak after better than expected earnings from Microsoft and Google. Google was down due to their cloud revenue being lower than forecast.

Higher yields in the US and across the EU/GB have punished stocks in recent days with the US S&P500 breaching the 4200 support level.  Hedge fund manager, Bill Ackman announced he was covering his short bond positions and now is looking to go long bonds as these attractive yields.

The Fed are almost certain not to hike rates next week however the door may be open in December as Jerome Powell is watching yields with caution.

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