Mastering Data

Course Curriculum

GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

Retail Sales


Labour Market

Central Banks

Hawks & Doves

Central Banks & Monetary Policy Divergence

Building A Picture With Central Bank Information

Central Bank Action Example

Central Bank Rate Decision Example – FOMC Cut Rates

FOMC Rate Decision Example

President Joe Biden Market Reaction

Global Economic Slowdown

Correlating Economies and Currencies

Commodity Linked Currencies

Bond Market Correlation To Currency Market

Safe-haven Currencies

Safe-haven Currencies Market Example

Geopolitical Events

Geopolitical Impact On Market (Examples)

Geopolitical Market Reaction Example – Trump Announces Tariffs On China

Impact Of Covid-19

Stock Market – Currency Correlation

Market Flash Crash

Economic Calendar


Supply & Demand Trading

Introduction To Supply & Demand

  1. Finding Demand
  2. Finding Supply
  3. Time Frames
  4. Economic Event Example 1
  5. Economic Event Example 2

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