Are Stocks Doomed?

Are Stocks doomed?

Are Stocks Doomed?   In this episode the blokes breakdown the markets & ask the question are stocks doomed? The blokes discuss how it’s a great time to be trading! Markets are directional which presents huge opportunity to capitalise. Rory […]

Are Stocks Doomed?

Global Recession Coming Soon?

Global Recession Coming Soon?   Jonathan and Rory dive into the facts to help understand if there will be a global recession coming soon? The blokes share their opinions on the future outlook across a global level.   In the […]

Are Stocks Doomed?

Mindset of a Successful Trader

Mindset of a Successful Trader   In this podcast we introduce Rajan Dhall & discuss the mindset of a successful trader. Raj has an extensive history and career in trading adding further value to our community, which we discuss in […]

Are Stocks Doomed?

Will Dollar strength continue

Will Dollar strength continue In this episode, the blokes offer their opinion on the markets, taking a close look to see will Dollar strength continue with a busy economic calendar ahead!   Rory and Jonathan talk about their expectations of […]

Are Stocks Doomed?

Why only 20% of traders make money

Why only 20% of traders make money In this episode Jonathan and Rory discuss the well known statistic, why only 20% of traders make money. At the beginning of the podcast Jonathan runs through some statistics of the probability of […]

Are Stocks Doomed?

Will DXY hit 105?

Will DXY hit 105? For the 7th consecutive week, the Dollar Index finished in the green closing above 104 to show strong support, the question is will the DXY hit 105? Jonathan and Rory both discuss their thoughts on dollar […]