I’m this episode, Jonathan and Rory breakdown the week ahead in the markets and discuss the moves of last week, including why gold is not so shiny for investors. The blokes also share their opinion on what markets to watch this week.

The ISM PMI came in above estimates however the S&P500 didn’t manage to take much advantage, closing nearly flat on Monday. However, tech is still being driven higher by just a handful of names.

Dollar continues the climb above 107 as traders wait for the NFP and ESR report on Friday to determine the US labour market conditions. The ISM said that employment was better and on Tuesday afternoon, JOLT job openings has risen higher than expected creating more openings and a stronger market.

Rory discusses in the podcast how there is 28% probability of a rate hike In November however there is a 6% probability of a 50bps hike in December, any wonder the dollar is rallying.

Speaking of dollar, EURUSD continues to be held lower now at 1.04 , close to parity and levels feared last year.

USDJPY pushed 150 before a huge shock lower to 147.50. Word on the street that the BOJ intervened in the open market. This would have pushed rates lower monetarily and we could hear commentary from them soon.

Gold now close to $1800 , what a tremendous fall it has seen since the break of 2000. A lot quicker than we anticipated, however given the dollar strength, it comes with no surprise. Are you long or short gold at $1800?

Oil has seen some rejection at the low $90’s and is now back below 90 at the high 80’s. Could winter demand start to push oil higher and what are the views on OPEC? All of our analysis is covered live in the APP.

We will also be covering Non Farm Payroll live in the APP on Friday, come watch us as we analysis the markets live!

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