In this podcast, Jonathan and Rory discuss the importance of using macroeconomic indicators. 

During the live NFP stream that Jonathan and Rory shared via the TBT app, Rory mentioned before NFP was released how he thought there would be a larger than expected number as he read reports on indicators that suggest employment is increasing.

Looking at reports such as the ISM and being able to take a collective data set of the recent initial jobless claims report, you can marry up the data and draw your own conclusions. This analysis can give you the edge when trying to forecast data releases.

On this point, Jonathan mentions the importance of using your own data and your own ideas rather than relying on other people’s ideas. Jonathan says, “We see it time and time again where Investment banks have conflicting opinions and these guys are supposed to be the industry experts”.

Rory also discusses the importance of not taking trade ideas directly from anyone. The main reason, it is that usually when things go wrong and its more often than not, they won’t post about it and let people know. This means people will be stuck in the trade with a losing position and won’t know when to get out.

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