In this weeks podcast the blokes discuss the difference between technical versus fundamental traders.

We also introduce Adam Harris, a long term professional in the financial markets who has now joined the team and most will already have noticed his great analysis within the app already. Adam talks us through his background and years of experience. He starts by telling us exactly how he got into trading and the process that led him down the route of predominately becoming a successful technical trader.

The blokes share their opinions on their styles of trading, showing that regardless of how you analyse the markets whether that’s technical, fundamental or sentiment based, you can be still be profitable. There is a million ways to trade the financial markets its just perfecting your strategy to gain consistency over the long term. The blokes all agree that mentoring was key to success in their journey.

The podcast was also recorded over the US CPI release and with a 3.7% YoY figure and MoM beating expectations, Dollar strength has since ripped back through the market causing risk off selling. While Rory couldn’t keep a good internet connection, he was able to tell us more about his view on markets this week and what a higher CPI number means for markets going forward.

Following this the blokes discuss the rise in interest rates in the US & their opinion on the next US election with Adam of the opinion Biden will walk the next election due to uncertain times.

Adam also discusses in the podcast his best tips for new and upcoming traders and what he recommends doing when starting out.

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