In this episode, the blokes offer their opinion on the markets, taking a close look to see will Dollar strength continue with a busy economic calendar ahead!

Rory and Jonathan talk about their expectations of markets ahead of the US CPI and FOMC Interest rate decision next week.

The past week in financial markets has been a lot quitter than usual on a data front with the UK labour market conditions being reported slightly higher on Thursday Morning. On Wednesday 13th, the US CPI is due to be released and could change how the outlook is on broader markets.

Starting with European Indices, they have been weaker ahead of the ECB interest rate decision. Negative data has German Dax down as traders brace for the ECB policy decision on Thursday. While the German investor moral is slightly higher in September, Wholesale prices continued their decline dropping by 2.7%.

The US dollar and DXY seen natural resistance at 105 which was expected ahead of the key CPA data and FOMC interest rate hike next week. Rory shares his thoughts on how this data could shape the DXY stating a higher than expected CPI will likely move DXY higher well above 105 towards 106, whereas a lower than expected will see some cooling. He also thinks an inline reading will still be enough to drive DXY back above 105 as it will be 2 consecutive months of higher CPI reading which may give the FOMC a credible cautious but hawkish stance.

Jonathan also talks us through his thoughts on Gold and the Dollar. Jonathan remains bullish on Dollar, while he would expect Gold to fall potentially below 1900 again and towards 1870.

Tune into the podcast to hear the full rundown.

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