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041 – Naked Trading

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Ep 41 - Naked Trading


Mark Shawzin - The Pattern TraderIn part one, The Blokes discuss the difficulties of trading setups that only seem to arrive when you are asleep - Owen’s fibs keep appearing while he’s in the land of nod. Coupled with only looking at three currency pairs and all trades having to pass the ‘fundamentals’ test, it has meant that Owen hasn’t actually placed a live trade this week! Tom comes up with a solution that may enable Owen to place effective Orders into the market without blowing up his system.


Tom has followed up last week’s success with this week's moderate disappointment but continues to learn lessons every week. He shares these with the TBT audience, but is keen to point out that he is still net-positive!


The interview is with Mark from who gives The Blokes the benefit of his 35 years experience and passes on some wisdom. Mark trades ‘naked’ charts and believes in a cut-back, simplified charting approach that relies on price action and pattern identification. Something altogether different to the most common approaches today; The Blokes were intrigued.


The Meme Competition has finished! Plans for an Independent Adjudicator are announced and a visit from the Electoral Commission is staved off...

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