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045 – Technical Trading Strategies

Technical Trading Strategies
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Episode 45 – Technical Trading Strategies


Clive Lambert Interview - Technical Trading StrategiesOwen returns from holiday to discover the outcome of the Copy Trading competition. After 5 months The Blokes deliver their honest opinions on copy trading as a concept for both copyers and traders looking to be copied. After the results are announced, there’s the standard TBT bottle of Zacapa rum for the winner…


The interview today is all about Technical Trading Strategies. The Blokes interview a true expert; Clive Lambert from is a board member of the UK Society of Technical Analysts and 5 time winner at the Technical Analyst Magazine Awards! Clive used to be a pit trader and has seamlessly transitioned into the modern era with his award winning technical trading analysis.

Clive has a great story and some solid advice on building technical trading strategies one layer at a time – a must listen for all technical traders. Although Owen trades fundamentals in Forex he still uses support and resistance lines like many traders, and Clive’s has some enlightening points in this area too. However you trade, this is for you!

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