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070 – The Advantages of Discretionary Trading with Will Hunting

WMD4x interview

Ep. 70 – The Advantages of Discretionary Trading with Will Hunting


Ali Crooks Webinar – “How to Backtest” – Thursday 28th September at

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In this episode:


  • Owen Buys the Dip and finds that it wasn’t, after all, the dip

  • Tom finally exits the trade of his life

  • Will Hunting is a discretionary trader who tells us how he does it

  • He outlines his belief in discretion trading vs data driven trading

  • Will gives his tips on how to continuously improve and stay safe as a discretionary trader

Trader Interview – Will Hunting – – The Advantages of Discretionary Trading


Will Hunting sold his manufacturing business at 33 and retired. He soon unretired when he realised that was boring as hell. He promptly took up trading. Over a 12+ year career Will has perfected 3 core trading styles, all of them discretionary: Momentum, Flow and Patterns. In this interview he goes into some detail on those, but you can find out much more on his website.


Will can regularly be seen making live calls on Twitter @wmd4x, and even though his style is not to use years of backtested data, he still is unerringly accurate. We don’t believe in dogmatic trading here on Two Blokes Trading and neither does Will – he is a chap who shows that there are a million different ways to be a profitable trader!


We went to ‘the Twitter’ for questions for Will and got some great response – he answers a few on the show, although we didn’t have time for everyone’s questions.


Also the finished article


Beyond his trading style and some true gems for discretionary traders out there, Will also has a superb view of life – it is safe to say that his universal life philosophy is very far removed from Brannigan’s last week! Will certainly agrees with Tom when it comes to getting inspiration from Twitter talking heads and their inspirational yoga quotes…!


XTB – Negative Balance Protection


We can’t emphasise enough how momentous it is that XTB have now started to offer Negative Balance Protection. They are the first FCA regulated broker to do so, and it comes into effect from 1st October 2017.


What it means is that if there is another ‘black swan’ event like the SNB disaster of January 2015 – when the Swiss National Bank pulled the ‘floor’ from under the Swiss Franc and sent it plunging – then you will not be able to lose more than the amount in your trading account! I for one, I will sleep easier at night…


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Ali Crooks – How to Backtest Webinar – THIS WEEK – Thursday 28th September 2017


Ali Crooks of Traders Support Club is a backtesting legend and the world’s biggest flag bearer for the data driven trading style that Will is not a fan of! Never say we are not balanced on this show…


We both believe in backtesting and credit it with taking us from almost-profitable traders to consistently-profitable traders.


If you want to find out how it is done, from A to Z, then sign up at

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