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088 – Penny Stocks to Nuclear Eradication an Interview With Tim Sykes

Tim Sykes Interview

Ep. 88: Penny stocks to Nuclear Eradication an interview with Timothy Sykes

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In this episode:

  • Tim Sykes drops knowledge bombs and nuclear bombs during this week's interview
  • Not quite as exciting but equally as important the new ESMA regulations is explained
  • Brandon is invited to a graduation party at a prop firm... we find out WTF that's about!

Trader Interview - Timothy Sykes - Penny Stocks

Hugely successful and it's fair to say... polarising guest... Tim Sykes grace's us with his presence to discuss key topics ranging from the likelihood of nuclear eradication onto the importance of using inefficiencies within Penny stocks to become a profitable long-term trader.
To say that Tim Sykes is similar to Marmite would be an understatement this man has become very successful and is not afraid to speak his mind when it comes to things that urk him.
Sticking with two blokes trading philosophy of ensuring that we are being educated and entertained Tim is a perfect mixture of anecdotes and experience that we all can find a bit of something to learn from.

ESMA Regulation

The European Securities and Markets Authority has the bit between its teeth and when it comes to regulating the way retail traders access the markets it seems like ESMA is determined to put the reins on a sometimes unruly industry.
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