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090 – Entrepreneurialism in Trading with Jason Graystone

Jason Graystone Interview
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Ep 90 – Entrepreneurialism in Trading with Jason Graystone

In this Episode:


  • Jason Graystone educates us on wealth creation and why you need to start creating more wealth now.  
  • Brandon answers a Two Blokes listener question on sentiment trading.
  • Samuel Leech is back giving us an update on the developments of Yield Coin

Trader interview:  

Jason Graystone from and joins the Two Blokes for a journey through wealth creation.


Jason’s mission as he describes it:


“After building multiple successful businesses starting at age 22, I have since gone on to become a consistently profitable master trader and successfully manage my own wealth through speculation and investing. I am not an internet “Guru” and I have no incentive to teach other than for the feeling I get from enhancing or transforming people’s lives. I deliver because I want to. Not because I need to.”


Jason is a man with a boat load of trading experience.  But what you may not know is that a large part of his Forex trading success was built on a foundation of becoming a successful business owner first.  Honing his business ownership skills first made making the shift into trading the Forex market seamless.  There is something to be said about treating trading like a business and this Jason takes this to the next level.


Creating multiple streams of income is a great way to take some of the emotional burden of trading off your shoulders.  If you have money coming in then you free up your mind from the thoughts of “I have to make money trading today” to “I am going to focus on the process of trading and the money will follow”.  Jason guides us through this food for thought.


“Building your network is the quickest way to increase your wealth”.  This is what Jason tell us and, as it turns out, is something that the Two Blokes are embracing more and more every day because……it actually works!  


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  • Steve Ward, author of High Performance Trading: With over 25 years’ experience, the world famous trader has worked with banks, funds, energy companies, proprietary trading groups and commodities trading companies across the globe to improve their decision making & maximise their market returns
  • Ed Matts: ‘Is another financial crash on the horizon?’ Learn how the greatest equity bull run could be about to end
  • David Cheetham: Top Trade Ideas for Cryptocurrencies including targets for Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash & Ethereum


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