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099 – Wall Street Trader Turned Entrepreneur Macro Analyst

Tony Greer Interview

Ep. 99 – Wall Street Trader Turned Entrepreneur Macro Analyst


This week on episode 99 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast:

  • Tony Greer joins us for an excellent chat about his progression from being a Goldman Sachs trader all the way to where he is as an Entrepreneur Macro Analyst and trader.
  • Brandon updates us on the fundamentals course, the next batch is out!
  • Tom talks community and the new TBT Discord group.


Trader Interview: 


Tony Greer is a man with some of the highest pedigree experience we have been fortunate enough to have on the Two Blokes podcast.  His experience comes from the who’s who of investment banks from the Goldman Sachs, UBS, and Dahlman Rose & Company.


Tony launched his company TG Macro LLC to establish himself as a macro market analyst for what he believes will be the next iteration of the Wall Street ecosystem.  But rather than us trying to tell his story it’s probably better that you get yourself over to his bio page on his website:


Get a feel for just how good Tony’s analysis is on Real Vision below:



Main Topics Discussed:

  • Boots on the ground training at the Goldman Sachs.
  • Working from Sunday at 4pm right through to the closing bell on Friday.
  • A massive wakeup call: going it on your own right smack in the middle of a major asset bubble!
  • Commodity Super Cycles.
  • Surviving a major market crash by being a student of the market.
  • Trading next to Steve Grosso who now is on CNBC’s Fast money.
  • Building a financial business for the second time and the lessons learned.
  • Playing pickup basketball with his career and moving into facing the market as an independent analyst.
  • Trading 30,000 gold contracts in one day!
  • Trading with the “creatures” in the open outcry futures pit.
  • The genesis of making trades in the trading pits.
  • Learning the art of anticipation in your trading.
  • Serious traders are serious about slippage.
  • Planning your trades.
  • Brandon has a light bulb moment!
  • How to figure out emerging sector trends before the big chunk of the move takes place.
  • Trading sectors through ETFs.
  • Developing your “ways” of monitoring the market to find opportunity.
  • What is good information to know?
  • Market structure is constantly evolving, start your understanding of sentiment at and you can meat
  • The big boys buy tops too!
  • is a cool place to check out the lighter side of trading and some great stories from some amazing traders.
  • Tuna tar tar and Johnny Walker Black at the Gotham Grill.
  • Being outgoing about trading and keeping in the loop through trader connections.
  • Good news for technical traders….Tony thinks you can survive and is a great way to weed out the noise.


Where can you learn more about Tony Greer?



Twitter:  @TgMacro


If you are interested in US equities and futures markets make sure to take Tony up on his free trial for his excellent analysis products.  You can sign up on his homepage


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