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101 – Failure; The Key to Success Interview With Ryan Moffett

Ryan Moffett Interview

101 - Failure; The Key to Success Interview With Ryan Moffett


This week on episode 101 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast:

  • We learn that you need to fail to succeed with our guest Ryan Moffett.
  • Tom fails to learn from past mistakes with his 2 day post stag Hangover.
  • And for those of a crypto persuasion we have a Yield Coin update.  


Trader Interview with Ryan Moffett:  

Ryan is the Lead Investment Manager at Blackpier Capital.  He is the lead manager of the Blackpier Atlas Portfolio of Strategies spending the last 12 years specializing designing and trading robust systems and strategies.  


Blackpier Capital is a private proprietary trading firm which also runs a private fund.  This firm is built upon the principles of extreme ownership, personal and professional accountability.  


If you would like to learn more about Black Pier Capital, Ryan and the team head over to:


Main Topics Discussed:


  • A journey of 3 key failures that shaped Ryan into the trader he is today.
  • Zero results and a ton of time is the price to pay for exponential progress.
  • Being a trader is a journey of failure!
  • You need to be ready and have experience before you put any risk in the market.
  • Why traders have such high expectations.
  • The things that matter in trading are not the strategies!
  • How training to become a professional baseball player laid the foundation for Ryan’s success.
  • Deliberate practice is how you get great at your craft….Go Google “deliberate practice” now!
  • Creating habits of work make it hard to stop pushing.
  • If you are going to get better at anything, fail more often!
  • Having a plan is not easy but is necessary.  
  • That moment you realize your life is not working…but you have a vacuum hose in your hand….listen to find out the conclusion!
  • Why having a supportive spouse is key to your success.
  • When you know WHY you want to do something, the HOW is not that hard.
  • You need to get into the fox hole with someone you trust.  
  • Judge your results on the process not on the money you make (or Lose).
  • Paul Tudor Jones “You are never hoping, you are always trading”.
  • A successful trading foundation that was built on epic failure.
  • Trading uncorrelated asset classes eliminates 80-90% of your risk and your return goes up.
  • How to define market environments.
  • Generally, strategies make money through volatility or leverage.
  • Having different strategies that do well in different markets is key.


Where can you learn more about Ryan Moffett?





Resources mentioned by Ryan Moffett:

  • Check out the book “Extreme Ownership” by Jocko Willink.
  • Documentary on Paul Tudor Jones called “Trader”.


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