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112. The Singularity Is Near with Sam Warner

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This week on episode 112 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast:

  • Tom welcomes CTO, Sam Warner onto the podcast. Sam is responsible for the development of all things tech with Bizintra Trading Academy.
  • He is currently developing a trading social network and describes the challenges that go along with that.
  • The discussion turns to how AI and programming are continuing to impact the financial markets.


Guest Interview with Sam Warner

Sam Warner is the current Chief Technology Officer at Bizintra Trading Academy. He is developing a trading social network as a part of his job there. He has been an entrepreneur all his life and his interest in trading and investing grew beyond hobby and led him to where he is today.


Main Topics Discussed:

  • Tom talks about Sam’s painful first entrepreneurial exploits
  • ‘At home traders’ struggle to find their edge
  • Should there be a social network for traders?
  • Is MT4 actually better than broker’s proprietary trading platform?
  • Sam is trying to programme his own discipline
  • The singularity is near!
  • Giving AI access into the world’s financial markets is a bad idea
  • “You can’t prosecute an AI for insider trading” – Sam


Two Blokes Sponsor

Today’s episode is sponsored by Bizintra Financial Academy. Bizintra offers sponsored trading programmes that have been developed by professional traders. Don’t pay a fortune to learn how to trade. Simply sign up by using one of their partner brokers and receive trading education and signals by institutional traders.


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