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113. Fracking Hell with Gerard Murray

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This week on episode 113 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast:

  • Tom welcomes Gerard Murray, an Oil and Gas retail trader since the age of about 17.
  • Ger continues to trade today and on this episode discusses how important fundamentals are for investors when picking the right companies to invest in
  • Ger goes into the future of Oil, how renewable energy isn’t happening any time soon and how finding the right oil company outside of the current news cycle can lead to a great opportunity


Guest Interview with Gerard Murray

Gerard Murray is a retail trader that specializes almost completely on the Oil and Gas sector. Having multiple family members as Directors in an Irish Oil company generated the interested in the field and from an early age, Gerard started trading on some of what he knew.


Main Topics Discussed:

  • Tom learns a little bit about Ger’s past and how his uncles led him to the world of trading
  • Ger explains that he likes to trade what he knows, which is Oil and different Oil companies
  • The riskier play is the drill results!
  • What to look for – New IPO’s, do Directors hold the majority of shares, what’re their salaries?
  • The Oil crash in 2013/14 ($120 a barrel to $26 a barrel)
  • The summer heat has rendered our wind turbines useless
  • Elon’s renewable future is farther away than we all may think
  • We can’t cover the country in wind turbines either – Ger
  • $70-$80 a barrel is probably a good price for everyone!
  • The best way to learn is to lose
  • Be careful who you listen to because it is a shady industry
  • Understanding how a company operates is a core part of why Ger gets interested in a company


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