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5 Best Investing Podcasts 2018


5 Best Investing Podcasts 2018


Here at Two Blokes Trading we love a podcast. Specifically a trading podcast. Of course, we are probably biased.


But in between Trading we also like to dabble in trading’s older, calmer brother Investing. No investor should venture into the world of yield curve’s, absolute return and elusive Alpha without first arming himself with some trusty investing podcasts.


In no particular order these are 5 Investing Podcasts that we enjoy:


Macro Voices


Erik Townsend, host of Macro Voices is a hedge fund manager. Perhaps as a result, his breadth and depth of knowledge of all macro topics is immediately apparent. We listen to this podcast for the ideas.


If you listen each week it is highly unlikely that you will miss any major macro development. In true Global Macro fashion, the podcast covers any and all investing opportunities, regardless of sector. One week they may cover the Australian housing bubble and the next week they’ll look at cryptocurrencies.


Fascinating stuff, but it may be a bit dense if you are very new to the world of investing


Adventures in Finance from Real Vision


Laid back and replete with gentle humour, this podcast manages to be both educational and relaxing. I actually fell asleep during the latest episode on Tesla, which I’m fairly sure is a good thing. At least the topic was interesting enough that I went back and listened again later!


Grant Williams is a fascinating host, with opinions built on research and fact, and best of all, a very soothing voice. Ahhhh… Grant co-founded Real Vision, which is the producer behind this show. Real Vision is all about interviewing serious big hitters in the world of finance and business, and this show is in a similar vein.


It is comparable to Macro Voices in tone and content, and perhaps unsurprisingly Grant was recently a guest on that show.


Odd Lots from Bloomberg


Short, punchy and high energy. This offering from Bloomberg covers a wide variety of topics and never toes a boring party line.


The hosts Tracy Alloway and Joe Weisenthal have a fun repartee. They are both knowledgeable, but unlike some other podcasts on this list they are mostly from a financial media background rather than being heavy hitting hedge fund managers or macro traders.


At around 30 minutes per episode, Odd Lots is perfect if you like your podcasts short and sweet.

Trend Following with Michael Covell


When it comes to writing and talking about trend following, Michael Covell is The Daddy. His book Turtle Traders was a massive hit and his podcast continues that success.


It has racked up over 6 million downloads since inception and at the time of writing has an impressive 604 episodes, should you wish to tackle the back catalogue!


Perhaps after so many episodes he has strayed somewhat from pure trend following conversations with trend following hedgies – but has kept it interesting with interviews from, amongst others, a number of real-life Nobel Prize winners and, er Tucker Max.

We Study Billionaires – The Investors Podcast


Two blokes sitting around talking about…investing. Strong idea.


There’s no set format here. Sometimes they talk stock picks, sometimes it is general market commentary, and other times it is discussion of legendary investors.


Recent episodes have seen discussion of Russian stocks, Michael Jordan and an ‘on location’  episode based on their trip to Omaha for the Berkshire Hathaway annual stakeholder meeting. Mostly they are talking shares, so a pure investing podcast for people that like that sort of thing!


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