Trend Is Your Friend

In this podcast Jonathan & Adam scan the markets, with the current theme being the trend is your friend! This morning the markets were thin after thanksgiving on Friday, but we did see a slight pickup as the day went […]

Importance of the Economic Calendar

Jonathan and Rory talk though the importance the economic calendar for all traders. A lot of traders believe that certain data doesn’t move the markets enough and that they should ignore it. But using this information to your advantage can […]

Oil rallying to $100 per barrel?

One of the main talking points over the weekend was the production cuts from OPEC. It’s looking possible that over 1 million barrels per day could be cut from supply as fear enters the market that demand could be drying […]

How to trade news headlines

In this podcast , Jonathan and Rory discuss how to trade news headlines. The key is to understand the impact & domino effect these headlines can have on companies & markets.  Immersing yourself within the financial markets is key to construct […]

Hold Fire Amid Uncertainty

In this weeks episode, Jonathan & Adam scan the markets & explain why you should hold fire amid uncertainty. Monday has been a quite day & the blokes explain the importance of waiting for the right time to execute with […]

Pros & Cons Of Limit Orders

In this episode the Blokes discuss the pros & cons of limit orders.  Jonathan and Rory both discuss how & when they use limit orders in different situations. Both Jonathan and Rory highlight that the advantages usually heavily outweigh the […]

Santa Rally On Its Way

Is the Santa rally on its way or is this just an overreaction to some bad news that investors think is good news? For a long time now, the narrative of “bad data = good news” has allowed equity markets […]

Will USD/JPY Tank?

Rory takes a USDJPY short just before the podcast begins, but will USD/JPY tank? He explains the reasoning behind this move as well as the strong risk to reward that is favoured. Jonathan is holding off until we see 152 […]

Uncertainty In The Financial Markets

In this episode Jonathan and Rory continue to evaluate the risks from the Middle East & the uncertainty in the financial markets. Also looking at higher yields and central bank action from around the globe. The war in the Middle […]