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Automate My Trading Review

Automate My Trading Review

Automate My Trading Review

Have you ever thought to yourself - I wish that I new how to code MLQ5 so I could automate my trading strategies? Well, wish no longer fellow trader! Fellow trading podcaster, algo trader and all round good lad Cam Hawkins has created to walk you through the best way to create an automated trading algorithm without writing a line of code! In this Automate My Trading Review I will show you exactly why parting with a bit of your hard earned cash to take his course may be the best thing you ever did as a trader!


With the Automate My Trading course you will learn how to:


  • Access and manipulate historical trading data
  • Build your trading system without writing a line of code
  • Test your system
  • Start live trading your system for profit!


Why Learn a New Coding Language If You Don’t Have To?


Many traders are tempted to buy a trading algorithm off-the-shelf and plug this into MT4 and hope to make quick and easy cash. While this can work, you will also be entering a minefield of rubbish trading algorithms that simply aren’t fit for purpose. For every trading algo that will make you money there are dozens that will lose you cash.


Perhaps there is another way? Maybe you already have a technical trading system that works for you as a manual trader but you want to automate it? Perhaps you have zero desire to learn a coding language just to put together an automated trading system, and aren’t inclined to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a developer to do it for you?


Enter! Cam has put together a comprehensive course that will allow you to fully automate your trading without going near a line of code!


Comprehensive Really Is The Word


This course is long. It is thorough. It is heavy. But what were you expecting? The man is going to show you how to build a trading robot without going near a single line of code or speaking to a single developer! It might be hard going for some, but compared to actually learning to code your own algo it is a walk in the park.


What Cam Hawkins has done is put together a video course that covers every single aspect you will need to understand in order to do this successfully. There are numerous steps, some of them relatively complex even for the computer-savvy and the amount of time he will save you is tremendous.


Cam is an expert at explaining user journeys without leaving a single hurdle uncovered - you won’t end up giving up because you ‘can’t get it to work’. He has seen every pitfall ahead of time and covered it in his videos!


The A to Z of how to Automate My Trading


Cam will take you from A to Z and lead you by the hand every step of the way. Cam will explain all of the technical challenges to overcome:


  • Which software to download
  • How to install the software
  • How to get accurate trading data and transfer it correctly
  • How to prevent software updates ruining your setup


This is a lot more than just an explainer on how to use the tech. He also shows you:


  • How to download historical trading data
  • How to test your strategy against this data
  • How to build your strategy using drag and drop flow chart technology
  • How to use data to test your trading strategy to 99% accuracy
  • How to plug your strategy into your live trading account


Thoroughly Recommended - We Use it Ourselves!


Long term listeners of the Two Blokes Trading podcast will know that we are both looking to automate our trading. We have backtested and proven technical trading systems that we would like to put in the hands of the trading robots!


In order to do this we have both watched the full course and are looking at implementing Cam’s instructions - we really believe in this product!


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