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5 Best Trading Podcasts in 2017

best trading podcasts

5 Best Trading Podcasts in 2017


Here at Two Blokes Trading as well as producing a trading podcast, we are also big fans of listening to trading podcasts! Like you, we want to listen to the best trading podcasts around.


Of course our favourite podcast is the Two Blokes Trading weekly podcast (!) We interview a trader each week and generally shoot the breeze about trading.


But, if you’ve ever read ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ (which you should) then you will know: it is not the size of your slice of the pie that counts, it is the size of the pie!


In other words, it brings us great pleasure to highlight other great trading podcasts. Trading is awesome and so is podcasting - check out these great shows!

Trader Radio


Trader Radio is the new podcast from trading podcast legend Rob Booker. Rob used to host the long-running and insanely popular The Traders Podcast. After long time producer Jason Pyles went on to new projects, Rob ended launched Trader Radio in August 2016.


Trader Radio is similar in format to The Traders Podcast. The show is mostly the thoughts of Rob himself with occasional guests. Rob is full of experience and insight, is a great speaker and has a particular interest in trading robots.


Chat with Traders


Aaron Fifield’s hugely popular Chat with Traders has been running for a couple of years now. It consists of a long-format interview with a profitable trader each week. Aaron himself is a trader but (aside from a specific episode dedicated to his trading) he mostly talks about the trading strategies and ideas of his guests.


There have been some big names on this show and there are regular nuggets of absolute gold for both new and experienced traders.


Aaron has the interviewer’s skill of getting his guests to open up and share both personal and professional details. He really helps his listeners get inside the mind of successful traders.


52 Traders


Cam Hawkins’ 52 Traders is similar in format to Chat with Traders (right down to the Antipodean host!) The idea is that over the course of one year you will get to hear 52 weekly interviews with profitable traders.


Similar to us at Two Blokes Trading, Cam is on his own journey to learn to trade profitably and consistently. He’s a bit further along than us and you can tell that he is personally getting a lot out of his conversations.


Cam has the knack of asking the right question and making sure he gets the answer. You’ll always finish the show having learned something useful!


Power Trading Radio


If you are confident in your ability to follow a very fast talking American chap who rattles through a whole bunch of different topics in a 45 minute stint, then Power Trading Radio is the show for you! It is extremely fast moving and is a good way to make sure you are abreast of the big news in indices, currencies, commodities etc.


There are also discussions around ‘themes’, similar to what you’d find on a typical TBT episode. It is not just a trading news show but looks to educate as well.


Run by knowledgeable trading educators this is a fun and informative show that trots along at a good pace.


VOX Markets


Part of the wider VOX Markets community, the VOX Markets podcast is a UK stocks and shares focussed podcast. It is widely followed by large cap and junior markets traders.


They have two podcasts daily. “5 Things You Need to Know Today” is released before the UK markets open and is less than two minutes long and a great little snapshot. The main podcast is about an hour long and features in depth discussion on various shares or market news.


They have high profile equities traders on the show, as well as the people who run some of the companies that are featured. TBT friend-of-the-show Doc Holiday is a regular contributor as well as columnist on the main site. It really is a must-listen if you trade AIM shares or, frankly, any UK equities.


We hope you have enjoyed this round up of the best trading podcasts in 2017. May you have a great year of trading ahead, and don't forget to tune into the Two Blokes Trading podcast every Monday!


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