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Core Spreads Broker Review

core spreads broker review

Core Spreads Broker Review



Core Spreads offers something slightly different. Not the oldest or biggest name on the market they have entered and made a splash for one simple reason - tight, fixed spreadscore spreads broker review. They don’t have the biggest number of products to trade and they don’t have a fancy front end, but they undoubtedly have some of the cheapest spreads around. Need a platform to execute trades you plan and plot on some other platform? Core Spreads will do that with no bells or whistles, just a great price. And, moreover, their welcome bonus is actually achievable and beneficial. Core Spreads run regular 'spread cut' promotions and similar things that help you save even more on your broker costs when trading with them.



Core Spreads Broker Review - Products and Spreads

We’ll start with the negatives - they only have 16 indices, 34 FX pairs and 5 (yes, 5) commodities available to trade. They do have over 1600 different equities on offer, but when you compare this to say, the 10,000+ products IG Index have then it pales in comparison. Our random basket of products bested them - they only have the Euro / Hungarian Forint, the other 9 products in the basket...not so much.
BUT. If you want to trade major FX pairs then they’ll beat practically anyone - 0.8 on AUD/USD, 0.9 on Cable, 0.7 on USD/JPY. You can trade the UK100 for 0.8 and oil for 3 points. Just good, low spreads across the board. Moreover, their spreads are fixed. Even FX. Fixed FX spreads are rare. I have no idea how they manage it, but they do.


Core Spreads Broker Review - Interface and Platforms

If a kind of minty, turquoisey greeny-blue is your favourite colour, then you are in luck! If you want a clean, functional and very clean interface then you are also in luck. There is nothing wrong with the Core Spreads platform, even if there is nothing particularly special about it either.


Everything is clearly laid out and all of the information you could need is at your fingertips. It is easy and quick to navigate and the graphs are clear enough. They even have all of the studies and indicators you would normally want, even if the delivery of them is basic. In short, you won’t be left out in the cold with this interface, even if the steely-green spartan nature of things doesn’t exactly warm your bones.

Core Spreads have just launched an MT4 option for their spread betting - so if you don't get on with their front end, then you can still take advantage of their low spreads on the tried and trusted MT4 platform. 


Core Spreads Broker Review - Service

If you open an account with Core Spreads they don’t hastle you with never ending calls. I never actually got a call, but they insist that they did try and call! Some people will like this. You can, however, call them. The team are nice, customer service types, who won’t necessarily wax lyrical with you about trading but who are very happy to see to your needs and answer any questions that they can. On top of that, one of them even recommended I try a demo-account first, just to see if I liked it - no pressure selling here!


Core Spreads Broker Review - Safety

An FCA regulated parent-company, Finsa Europe Ltd, means you are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if you are a UK spread better. Their don’t have the pedigree of some firms but there is nothing to suggest that they have any problems. They make a point on their website of confirming that their client funds are held in segregated accounts so all appears to be well.


Core Spreads Broker Review - Conclusion

This is a spread betting broker that prides itself on an ‘unbundled’ and pared-back offering. They don’t have extra news feeds, they don’t have extra analysis tools or expensive ‘celebrity traders’, they just have low, fixed spreads. They don’t have a million rarely traded products so they can keep their prices low on the core products people want and deliver the cheap prices that they do. So, if you like cheap, uncluttered and functional, perhaps Core Spreads is for you.


Cores Spreads Risk Warning: Financial spread bets and CFD trades are leveraged products, which means you could lose more than your deposits. If you’re hazy on exactly what that means, please seek independent financial advice. Click here to read the full risk warning.

Core Spreads is a trading name of Finsa Europe Ltd (a company registered in England and Wales under number 07073413) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (under firm reference number 525164). Registered Office: Tower Bridge Business Centre, 46 - 48 East Smithfield, London E1W 1AW, United Kingdom.

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