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Kyle Hills


Kyle Hills
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Nickname/Trading Name
Asset-Classes Traded:
  • ETFs
  • Stocks
  • Currencies
How many years have you been trading?
1 – 3 Years
What inspired you to get into trading?
Stock simulator competitions among college friends.
How did you learn to trade?
Using simulator, then losing real money and correcting my mistakes.
What is your trading style?
Technical swing trading for Forex. Longer term fundamental outlook for stocks and ETFs. I trade Forex heavily, analyzing charts daily, stocks and ETFs I analyse less frequently, holding positions for months or years.
What advice would you give new traders?
Backtest. Perpetually optimize your system but don’t over correct it for one-off situations.

Trading psychology may be the hardest thing to master. Emotional trading, taking profits too early, and “revenge trading” will virtually guarantee further losses. Trade like a robot.

Please list any resources/websites you would recommend: and for self teaching.

Trade Empowered is an excellent resource for those looking for instructor led courses.

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