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LCG Broker Review

LCG Broker Review

LCG Broker Review


LCG used to be known as London Capital Group,LCG Broker Review and before that were Capital Spreads. Whether this marketing strategy is capricious or genius isn’t really my call; the important thing is that this is a London based broker with a long, quality pedigree. London Stock Exchange listed and FCA regulated, LCG is an established broker with a very low spreads and a good MT4 option. In our review they are the MT4 Spread Betting provider with the lowest spreads. They have been around for the best part of two decades and have solid experience in this market with a lot of tradeable products. Their proprietary platform ‘LCG Trader’ is decent and has just been renewed (Jan 2017), though it lacks the oomph of some rivals. They also have an MT4 option, making them one of the few major-player Spread Betting providers to offer a good MT4 alternative to web browser front ends. 


LCG Broker Review - Products and Spreads

London Capital Group come out very well indeed in this category. With only the least common three of our random basket of 10 products not being available to trade they clearly have a wide offering. They are strong in Forex with a good number of less common and exotic pairs and also have a solid range in Energy, Commodities etc. Their indices and shares offerings are not the best but not bad.
Their spreads are excellent, coming 2nd overall and placing well in Forex only. They also have consistency; some brokers have one or two markets with terrible spreads hidden amongst the normal ones, but not here. With EUR/USD attainable at 0.6 in normal live conditions that puts them equal with IG Index for best price on the most traded forex pair.


LCG Broker Review - Interface and Platforms

The LCG Trader platform is OK. It has clearly navigable menus and an interesting turquiosey colouring, but lacks the visual pleasure of some rivals. I would say it is about middle of the pack for pure aesthetics and ease of use. You can tweak the standard colours to the nth degree, so if black and purple is your thing, then crack on!


They have all the trend tools, indicators, oscillators and volume analysers that you could ever wish for already in place on LCG Trader. On top of this they have just put in place an economic calendar and brand new analytics suite from Trading Central. These are very well presented and added together it puts puts them ahead of a number of competitors.
With the MT4 platform available and a CFD account option, there isn’t much more you could ask for from LCG in this department, so all round a good showing.


LCG Broker Review - Service

One of the few brokers who didn’t call me once I’d set up the account to help me / sell to me (delete according to world view). Being a pro-active sort I called the number at the bottom of the confirmation email and spoke to a very nice man who agreed that he should be my account manager. Since then I have heard not a peep - despite not funding the account for quite some while I received no pressuring calls or emails. When I spoke with my ‘Account Manager’ he had all the answers I needed and plenty of views on their platform and was generally helpful. Top work!


LCG Broker Review - Safety

FCA regulated. Tick. London Stock Exchange listed. Tick. Headquartered in London. Tick.


LCG Broker Review - Conclusion

A medium sized player in the market, they have done a good job to provide a number of markets at rock-bottom spreads and across a variety of platforms. Beyond the brand and perhaps a bit of visual fizz in their platform, there is not much to separate LCG from the big boys, and indeed they beat some of the mid tier players such as ETX Capital and City Index’s when it comes to pure low spreads. I think you would be making a sound choice if you decided to Spread Bet with LCG.

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