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Moritz Czubatinski

Moritz Czubatinski
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Website 2
Asset-Classes Traded:
  • Indicies
  • Commodities
  • Currencies
How many years have you been trading?
3 – 6 Years
What inspired you to get into trading?
Quite frankly, the leverage. Compound interest has always fascinated me, as well. Trading seemed like a way to accelerate the process.

Also, freedom. Trading is the hardest way to make an easy living but you can do it from anywhere in the world. I could also have become a proofreader, for what it’s worth, but the earning potential in trading was much more attractive.

How did you learn to trade?
I come from a professional Poker background and already knew most of the stuff there is to know about money management, probabilities, expected value, and so on.

I had a mentor, as well as a trading group, and we exchanged ideas all the time. After experimenting a lot, slowly but surely, my trading style emerged.

What is your trading style?
I trade both Forex and Futures, strictly technical. I daytrade and swingtrade basically the same strategies – trendfollowing.

I wait for a pullback in a strong trend and preferably a retest of an established market structure that comes with it, then I get it in with a small stop and ride out the trend until it fades.

I take 2-3 swingtrades per week, and 2-5 daytrades per session.

What advice would you give new traders?
Trade your account as if it were worth a million dollars. Don’t think that you have to run up your 500$ to 100.000$ in a year, that is not how the business works.

Trade a demo account with 100.000$ and get a feel for the numbers. When you are profitable on demo, get funding and trade the money of others besides your own – there are lots of possibilities these days. Make us of them.

Please list any resources/websites you would recommend: (education, community I am involved in) (trading journal, product I am involved in) (funding) (funding)
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