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RANsquawk Review

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RANsquawk Review

  • Market Leading Live Squawk Feed
  • Fastest Real Time News
  • Excellent Analysis of all Markets Through the Day
  • Levels the Playing Field with Institutional Traders



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Premium Product For Serious Traders

If you want to trade the fundamentals or sentiment in any market then you are going to need to keep an eye on the financial news. There is no better place to get your real-time news than a live squawk feed, and RanSquawk is the best on the market.

RanSquawk is a live audio and text feed that is put together by a team of experienced financial analysts. It is real time reporting of financial news mixed with analysis. It is the fastest and most efficient way to stay on top of fast moving markets.

They check hundreds of news sources and pull all of the information into one place - creating both a cost and time saving over checking all of those sources yourself!

It is a relatively premium priced tool, so if you are trading a small account or just starting out then you may want to wait until you have a slight larger account and know trading is for you.

However, if you really want to trade a fundamental / sentiment style and the £xxx cost wouldn’t wipe out your trading profits, then this is a seriously recommended tool.

They have specific news feeds for different products - so regardless of whether you trade currencies, stocks, indices or commodities there will be something for you.

The cost is dependent on location and number of users, but for 1 licence in the UK it is £150 - or £135 a month with the TBT discount. Just be sure to mention Two Blokes Trading and use the link at the bottom of the page.

Get The News First

If your trading style requires you to trade real time news events then you are going to need a live squawk. Hitting refresh on an Economic Calendar website economic calendar a million times a second is not conducive to a good trading strategy.

You might get the news eventually but only after the professional traders have already moved the markets!

RanSquawk’s feed will blurt out the verbal description of the numbers using their direct connection to the events themselves. For ECB announcements they literally have a mic in the room…

This sort of strategy often has a ‘fastest finger first’ feel about it - you don’t want to be getting your news after everyone else!


One of the best features of RanSquawk is their analysis. This is both in the text that comes on the live feed and in a cool ‘Analyst Chat’ function. The live feed will look something like this:

This enables you to instantly tune into the markets either first thing in the morning or if you have stepped away from your trading for a bit.

If you have a questions like ‘why was there a spike in GBP, I didn’t see any news’ you can bang it in the Analyst Chat box and maybe get back a reply about a large order they saw go through or maybe an option expiry or similar.

If you trade for a bank or fund you will have a team of analysts to back you up. Retail traders don’t have this, so RanSquawk puts them back on a level playing field!

This institutional level detail is often essential to many fundamental and sentiment based systems, across all asset classes. Without it you are trading hamstrung.

Keeping You Aware

It may be that you are busy looking at a EUR/USD trade and the Squawk spits out something about an OPEC deal - great, you know that CAD is highly correlated to oil so you can jump across to USD/CAD and see if there is a trade to be had!

Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t, but at least you won’t miss the next one!

RANSquawk means you don’t need to check a thousand different news sources, you can just have a good read of your favourite sites in the morning and then keep the live feed on - you won’t miss anything relevant!


Both Tom and Owen use RanSquawk every day in their trading. It is absolutely crucial to Owen’s fundamental / sentiment trading but it is also highly useful for Tom trading the technicals.

Even if you are a technical trader you are going to want to know when the NFP comes out and if it is going to move the markets - even if it is just to stay away!

Unless you pay zero attention at all to news and fundamentals then there will be a benefit to every trader from having RanSquawk if the price won’t eat too much into your trading account.

Two Blokes Trading Discount

For the serious trader with a decent sized account, who needs one eye on the news and fundamentals then we would recommend RANSquawk.

As always Two Blokes Trading have negotiated a discount on behalf of our loyal audience. Click HERE to sign up and receive a 10% discount every month.

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RANsquawk Review

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