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Spreadex Review 2017 – Spreadex CFD Broker Review

Spreadex Review 2017 - Overview


Spreadex have a clear mission - to be the premier place to trade Shares CFDs, and they are doing a pretty good job! With one of the largest selections of UK and international Shares on the market, they do the basics very well. But add to this their market-leading coverage of UK Small Cap equities and you have a clear front runner in this space. Spreadex are AIM specialists and have made available for CFD trading companies with valuations as low as £1m. In the last year or so Spreadex have also updated their technology, so both their web platform and apps can compete with some of the best in the industry, with full charting and lag-free technology. You can also trade Forex and other products like Commodities and Indices, although the spreads on some Forex pairs are bit higher than some Forex specialists.


CFD trading is a new service for Spreadex, which until recently was Spread Betting only. But their long track record in the industry should mean that the launch runs smoothly. In all, as an FCA regulated broker with a great trading platform and award winning customer service, Spreadex are a broker to strongly consider either for specialist Shares trading or as a general broker.


Spreadex Review - Products and Spreads


If you want to trade Equities CFDs then you are unlikely to find a better selection anywhere else, particularly if you are looking at UK Small Cap AIM shares. Their international offering is excellent too, with Shares available to trade from the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and many more countries. The spreads on the shares contracts are good as well, and fixed. Fixed spreads leave you free to think about your trading strategy, not worry about increasing spreads in times of high volatility.

Aside from shares, they do a good line in currencies, with all Majors and a lot of Minors and Exotic Forex pairs available trade. As noted above, the spreads on some of these are a little higher than some brokers, but not as high as others. If you want to day trade Forex with a high volume of trades, then this may dampen your enthusiasm for Spreadex. But if you are only rarely trading Forex, or you do fewer trades but over longer periods, then you may not be as affected.


Spreadex like to stand out from the crowd, and as such they have started offering a highly unusual product - CFD Options. The CFD Options are available on Indices and are structured like regular Options, with Puts and Calls on a number of different expiry dates and prices. If you want to build a complex Options trading strategy but keep it within the CFD product, then this may be a great...option...for you!


Spreadex Review - Interfaces and Platforms


The Spreadex trading platform runs as a web app within your browser, but seems to suffer from none of the lag that some trading web apps can. They also offer the phone and tablet apps across all the usual devices. The front end interface is clean and simple, and offers the ability to pop out charts into separate windows. The draw tools and indicators are well stocked, though some platforms may offer a slightly more comprehensive package if you are a true charting junkie. In all their platform is a solid offering. This is good to see because as a Shares specialist they maybe could have got away with a cut back offering here as there will be fewer complex technical traders. It also suggests that they are looking to pick up a bit more of the Forex crowd.


There is no CFD MT4 option with Spreadex - you have to use their proprietary trading platform. So if you are running Expert Advisors or need a particular piece of MT4 functionality then you may have to look elsewhere, but if that is not the case then their own desktop platform is a good substitute.


Spreadex Review - Regulation


Regulated in the UK by the FCA, Spreadex have an industry leading seal of approval. They also talk extensively on their website and in their literature about keeping client funds separate from their own, as they are obliged to do. This will help keep your deposits safe in the event of a default by Spreadex, but as an established (since 2000), profitable business they should be a safe bet.


Spreadex Review - Service


Spreadex have won several awards for their customer service, and their UK call centre has proved easily contactable, friendly and helpful when I have tried them. They will call you after setting up an account to verify a few details but there is no evidence of pressure sales tactics - they do seem to just be calling as an administrative formality and a courtesy. Spreadex repeatedly gets good reviews and ratings on sites like Trustpilot and it will be interesting to see if the new CFD service inspires as much customer loyalty as their established Spread Betting service has.


Spreadex Review 2017 - Conclusion

Spreadex have recently launched their CFD trading service, and by heavily basing it on their existing Spread Betting offering, they have prevented any hiccups in the product. They offer the same wide range of markets, with particular focus on UK Small Cap AIM shares and use the same technology. The updated online platform is a pleasure to use and the apps have all the functionality you would expect. With FCA regulation and a UK contact number and address, you know this is a real, solid company - giving you peace of mind when depositing with them. Furthermore, with their award winning customer service you will always be able to speak to someone useful if you do have any issues. If you want to trade shares CFDs then you should probably serious consider Spreadex, but their Forex, Indices, Commodities and now Options offerings are also in the same league as other big players.


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