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Trade View Review

Trade View Review

Trade View Review


Build trading algorithms without coding with Trade View’s easy to use drag and drop logic programme ‘EA Lab’.


  • Easy to Learn & Unlimited Support
  • Fully Comprehensive EA Building Software: EA Lab
  • Designed by Real Traders (Genuinely!)
  • Powerful EA Analyser
  • Community of Algo Traders


  • AUD$1450 initial payment for the Intermediate Workshop (that's the one you need)
  • AUD$69.90 per month 
  • Use code 97626E  for 10% off initial payment
  • Gets you access to EA Lab, EA Analyser, Member Portal and Unlimited Support

Trade View Review

If you have a trading system that is remotely mechanical I would bet decent money that you’ve thought about automating it. I would also bet decent money that you’ve thought about the cost and hassle associated with paying a developer to do it.


The primary purpose of Trade View and is to take away that pain and put the power back in your hands! Their EA Lab and EA Analyser products allow you to build, test, refine and launch your trading algorithms without writing a line of code.


There are a number of tools on the market that are designed to enable you to build trading algorithms without coding, but we believe Trade View’s EA Lab is the best we have tested.


This Trade View Review will give you the 5 key reasons we are using Trade View to build our Algos and believe you should too:



1) Easy to Learn & Unlimited Support


The learning barrier to entry with Trade View is very low compared with some of their competitors; the Two Blokes picked up the basics in a quick hour long tutorial. For the average user you will have to content yourself with the pre-existing video tutorials for your beginner education, but they are superbly produced and very comprehensive.


After you are up and running, the monthly package also comes with very responsive technical support. This, along with the ease of use, is probably the feature that sets EA Lab apart from its competitors. If you get stuck you can send it a support ticket and you will be guaranteed a very fast response.

Build models from scratch using your own conditions. Add customisable pre-built trading conditions if you like or get started quickly with a pre-built strategy template


2) Fully Comprehensive


The depth and breadth of functionality is probably the number one criteria for most people choosing a platform for building a trading robot. If the indicator or tool that your trading system relies on is not supported then it isn’t go to be much use to you! Given that your system will need to be 100% mechanical (i.e. use no trader discretion) you are very likely to be using some set of indicators or charting tools. So you will be pleased to hear that Trade View supports basically everything!


On the off chance that it doesn’t support the thing you need then send in a support never know, they just might add it for you!

Build almost any strategy you can think of with all the popular MT4 Indicators, your own custom indicators, price action or mathematical logic


3) Designed by Real Traders (Genuinely)


EA Lab and EA Analyser, in fact the whole Trade View platform, is actually a secondary business (albeit one taken very seriously) to a Prop Trading firm called ‘Trade View Investments’. This is a very good thing.


There are a lot of products out there that say they are ‘by traders, for traders’ or a similar platitude. But we can confirm from our dealings with Trade View that they really are a prop trading firm first and foremost. EA Lab is an offshoot of a product they created to build, analyse and test their own trading algorithms. Like all good businessmen they recognised that they had something of value and have made it available to the wider public - for a price!


This means that they really do know what goes into a trading algorithm and the sort of questions that traders of all levels have - and as a result their product and support is optimised for real traders like me and you.


4) EA Analyser


Not all coding-free algo-builders were created equal. And not all algo-builders also come with a fully-fledged suite of analysis tools to fully test and optimise your strategy! The team at Trade View, being real traders, understand that no one wants to live-test a trading algo without having first dummy traded it and optimised it for the real world. By offering EA Analyser they give their users an invaluable tool to ensure that only profitable and stable algos get unleashed on their real money trading accounts.


5) Community


As part of your monthly fee you also get access to a live community of traders and a variety of data, learning and planning tools that Trade View make available on their platform.


We all know that trading can be lonely; if you are an algo trader then it is likely to be even more solitary! Having a trading community to bounce ideas and data off is just one of the hidden benefits of Trade View.


Within the platform they have a constantly increasing wealth of educational and research driven content, as well as live data and analysis - all of it better than you are likely to find for free elsewhere on the internet. Almost worth the monthly fee in its own right!



Trade View Review Conclusion


If you are looking to create a trading robot / algorithm and you don’t have the coding chops to build your own MT4 Expert Advisor then you may be tempted to hire an MQL5 developer off a forum to build one for you. That is a solution that can work, but I would recommend you also cast your eyes towards a coding-free algo builder.


Leaving your algo in the hands of a third party can easily lead to future problems - what happens if there is an error, or you want to make optimisation tweaks and the developer you found on a forum has disappeared? Or wants to charge you another thousand quid...


Far better to hold the power in your own hands and use an algo building platform that doesn’t require coding. Trade View’s EA Lab is the easiest to use, simplest and best supported algo builder that we have yet seen. As a result, if you are looking to move into the world of trading algorithms, Trade View comes with a strong recommendation from the Two Blokes.

Get unlimited support from the Trade View Traders

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