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015 – New Trading Challenge and the Blokes speak to a profitable fan of the show!

Episode 15 – New Trading Challenge and the Blokes speak to a profitable fan of the show!

The Guest

We were joined by fellow Retail Trader, Kyle Hills (@quilehills and myfxbook) from the US to discuss his trading journey over the last year or so. His appearance on the podcast marks the launchKyle of the Hall of Traders. Any active, profitable traders can apply to join the Hall of Traders here. We’d love to hear from you!

It was great to speak to a normal guy who learned to trade for a year or so at college and, having tried a few different ways, appears to have struck upon something that works for him: 11% up year-to-date!

Well done to Kyle and many thanks for coming on the show. A real inspiration for us at the start of our trading journey and we hope you enjoy listening to his story.


This Week

Traders love to talk about Divergence, and there was clear Divergence between the returns of Tom and Owen in this week’s inaugural Trading Challenge! Tom’s +81 pip gain was turned into a +238 pip win by Owen’s frankly spectacular -157 pip loss!

1-0 to Tom!

Brandon identified trading psychology as having played a part in Owen’s total collapse to his worst ever trading performance! Owen found a few other choice words to describe it… In better news, Owen was 75 pips up on other trades for a total loss of 82 pips. Bad, but not a disaster!

Well done to Tom on his profitable week. He basically traded off the 50 period moving average, trading 15 times in the week on the NZD/USD pair to Owen’s 3 trades (all losers!) Top work in week 1!

Next Week

Brandon Turner of Intex Learn kindly returned to the podcast to find out where we went wrong or right and to set us a new trading challenge. This week we have been tasked to profitably trade:


So, back to our old buddy the New Zealand Dollar, this time with the Japanese Yen as the weak to its strong! Will the sentiment hold up to the fundamental analysis and will Tom or Owen (or neither) prosper? Find out next week in Episode 16!

In the meantime, you can check out the Trading Challenge Week 2 blog here.

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