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103 – The Future Of Cryptocurrencies – Siam Kidd Interview

103 - The Future Of Cryptocurrencies - Siam Kidd Interview

This week:

• Tom reflects on his post-holiday Zen meditative state
• Brandon complains about petrol (gas) prices
• And out guest this week Siam Kidd remains bullish on cryptos... kinda..

Guest Interview - Siam Kidd:

Siam is a full time investor and trader who learned how to trade through a lot of trial and error.  He owns several businesses but his latest adventure in the financial markets is in the exciting world of Crypto Currencies.

Since 2015 Siam has become an authority in the crypto space and has become a keynote speaker sharing the stage with the likes of the legendary Gary Veynerchuck.

Learn more about Siam on his about page and watch the video below:

Main Topics Discussed:

  • Siam uses the money he makes from his businesses to trade in the financial markets.
  • The only mistake is the one you make twice!
  • Meet Danny the Dabbler….the reflection of most retail traders.
  • Most Blokes have a gambler built into them.
  • In trading the less money you risk ends up making you more money in the end!
  • Separating you long term accounts from your gambling accounts.
  • Once the final crypto bubble burst it’s only going to be the big blue chop cryptos that survive….the rest shall disappear.
  • A chat about Cardano crypto currency.
  • 1 year predictions of where crypto currency are heading.
  • Understanding how Wall Street manipulates cryptos through futures markets.
  • Reading crypto charts.
  • Why Siam is back in cryptos but is feeling really uneasy.
  • How to trade Main Net launches.
  • How not to be a baby seal in a sea of killer whales
  • How to take advantage of dumb money public.
  • 5 year crypto predictions.
  • Etherium futures markets are live and the next crash is coming.
  • What is GDPR?
  • When derivatives are created for cryptos that is when we will see the beginning of the bubble….we are not there yet!!
  • 20 year prediction for the crypto market.
  • Money and energy will rule the world.

Where can you learn more about Siam Kidd?




The Facebook:

Resources mentioned:

Get yourself over to Siam’s $50,000 challenge and see if your technical system has what it takes!!

Siam’s other podcasts on Cryptos


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