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Two Blokes Learn to Trade Online

Podcast Episodes

The Two Blokes Trading Podcast is a weekly Trading Podcast that has been produced by Tom and Brandon to document their journey as they learn to trade online. Every episode also features a fast, snappy interview with a leading trader, trading educator or trading industry insider.

081 – How to Professionalise Your Trading

how to professionalise your trading
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080 – How to Become a Full Time Trader with Rolf Schlotmann

Full Time Trader
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079 – Trading Forex Volume

forex volume
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078 – Trend Following with Hedge Fund Manager Mike Melissinos

trend following
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077 – How to Win a Trading Competition with Kevin Davey

How to Win a Trading Competition with Kevin Davey
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Tom and Owen - The Two Blokes - are learning to trade and recording their progress in a weekly podcast released every Monday.

The Two Blokes have recorded fast, snappy interviews with leading traders, trading educators and trading industry insiders. These interviews are featured every week on the podcast and offer all traders the chance to learn something new without taking up hours of your time!

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Every week you can get fresh insight and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from new and experienced traders.

Tom and Owen are learning loads and having a few laughs along the way - you can either start at the beginning of our journey with Episode 000 or jump in at the latest episode below!

When the Two Blokes decided to learn to trade they thought: “why not record our progress in a  podcast and use it as an excuse to chat with top, profitable traders and shorten our learning curve”!?

They put the podcast out there and quickly found that people loved it! Traders, new and old, are desperate for honest answers to questions such as:

  • Does your broker trade against you?

  • Is Binary Options trading a scam?

  • How much money do I need to learn to trade?

  • Should I pay for trader education?

Tom and Owen have interviewed leading industry insiders who have answered all of these questions and more.

In addition they have sucked the trading knowledge from the brains of leading traders and presented the wonderful gooey trading genius for all to hear! We have asked:

  • What is the difference between trading and investing?

  • How do I choose a trading system?

  • Should I trade fundamentals or technicals?

  • Should I trade equities or forex?

  • And lots, lots more!

The podcast is released every Monday and features updates on our trading journey, invaluable trader interviews and a few laughs along the way!

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