Oil Rallying to $100?

Technical Versus Fundamental Traders

Technical versus Fundamental Traders In this weeks podcast the blokes discuss the difference between technical versus fundamental traders. We also introduce Adam Harris, a long term professional in the financial markets who has now joined the team and most will […]

Oil Rallying to $100?

Will Dollar strength continue

Will Dollar strength continue In this episode, the blokes offer their opinion on the markets, taking a close look to see will Dollar strength continue with a busy economic calendar ahead!   Rory and Jonathan talk about their expectations of […]

Oil Rallying to $100?

Risk Off Sentiment

Risk Off Sentiment In this episode the Blokes discuss the current risk off sentiment in the markets & look at recent events impacting price action. This includes the latest US PPI and US CPI reports which both came out higher […]

Oil Rallying to $100?

US Debt Downgraded

US Debt Downgraded In this episode Jonathan and Rory talk about recent events in the markets and what their opinions are going forward. The Blokes take a look over FX, commodities, indices & Stocks. The hot topic was APPLE loosing […]

How To Trade NFP

US CPI Under Control?

US CPI Under Control? In this latest Podcast, Mike and Rory discuss what has happened during the last week in the markets. It was a busy week which included data from US CPI, BOE interest rate decision, UK GDP growth […]