Interest rates

Oil Rallying to $100?

Santa Rally On Its Way

Santa Rally On Its Way Is the Santa rally on its way or is this just an overreaction to some bad news that investors think is good news? For a long time now, the narrative of “bad data = good […]

Oil Rallying to $100?

Global Recession Coming Soon?

Global Recession Coming Soon?   Jonathan and Rory dive into the facts to help understand if there will be a global recession coming soon? The blokes share their opinions on the future outlook across a global level.   In the […]

How To Trade NFP

Monetary Policy

Monetary Policy Mike and Rory discuss the events of last week which included the US CPI number for May, FOMC’s decision to not hike interest rates higher as well as the ECB’s 25bps increase to monetary policy along with their […]

How To Trade NFP

Importance Of Interest Rates

Importance Of Interest Rates Too many Retail traders think that technical analysis alone will save them from being in the majority of traders who lose money. Unfortunately this is not the case, Mike and Rory uncover the importance of understanding […]