Oil Rallying to $100?

Gold Not So Shiny

Gold Not So Shiny I’m this episode, Jonathan and Rory breakdown the week ahead in the markets and discuss the moves of last week, including why gold not so shiny for investors. The blokes also share their opinion on what […]

Oil Rallying to $100?

Are Stocks doomed?

Are Stocks Doomed?   In this episode the blokes breakdown the markets & ask the question are stocks doomed? The blokes discuss how it’s a great time to be trading! Markets are directional which presents huge opportunity to capitalise. Rory […]

Oil Rallying to $100?

US Debt Downgraded

US Debt Downgraded In this episode Jonathan and Rory talk about recent events in the markets and what their opinions are going forward. The Blokes take a look over FX, commodities, indices & Stocks. The hot topic was APPLE loosing […]

Oil Rallying to $100?

Will Gold Rally in 2023

Will Gold Rally in 2023 Rory and Jonathan talk about recent events in markets including the dollar, gold , US Equities and world indices. The Blokes also talk about recent events such as the US CPI and this weeks data […]

Oil Rallying to $100?

Trading vs Investing

Trading vs Investing In this weeks episode Jonathan and Rory talk about the difference between Trading vs Investing. These terms are often used interchangeably amongst the retail community however, it’s important to distinguish their differences and to be aware that […]

Oil Rallying to $100?

Earnings Season

Earnings Season Jonathan and Rory talk about recent developments in the markets including, strong selling in dollar which was later seen with strong buying which managed to see the DXY Index climb above 101. Rory mentions this thoughts around recent […]

Oil Rallying to $100?

How to Trade Stocks

How to Trade Stocks In this weeks episode Jonathan and Rory talk through recent moves in the markets. Rory talks about how recent moves after the lower than expected UK CPI has created a risk on tone in the UK […]

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